Coastal, Ocean, and Marine Enterprise Inclusion and Network-building

About the Project

Project Goals and Vision

The Coastal, Ocean, and Marine Enterprise Inclusion and Network-building (COME IN) project focuses on examining the barriers and challenges of historically marginalized and excluded (HME) students in a holistic and inclusive manner across the coastal, ocean, and marine science enterprise (broadly includes, natural or social sciences, engineering and design, policy and legal analysis, planning, architecture, education, etc.), and developing a national “ecosystem” that nurtures the growth, persistence, and success of diverse students in the COM science workforce. 

The project includes a series of facilitated virtual and in-person engagement opportunities, in collaboration with Thriving Inclusion, which will bring together scientists, stakeholders, and partners from various COM science fields to understand the dynamic needs of students from HME communities, establish a collaborative infrastructure that is required to enhance and expand internship programs for HME based on Sea Grant’s Community-Engaged Internship (CEI) program, and estimate resource needs to successfully form new and expanded frameworks that will ensure the persistence and success of URM students in the COM science workforce. 

The broadening participation challenge proposed by COME IN is based on two foundational questions: (i) how can COM focused professional societies, government and non-governmental organizations, businesses, and academia engender justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion principles, and (ii) how can partnering organizations effectively support, measure, and replicate HME success in COM science disciplines at the undergraduate level and beyond. The project will strengthen partnerships in the COM science disciplines, and foster a common understanding among individuals by highlighting storytelling and sharing of lived experiences by partners from HME communities.

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